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After six months on the ReCODE Protocol wife states “I have my husband back! We are starting to travel again. His depression has lifted – he is animated, laughing and interacting with family again.”  After 15 months on the protocol Patient was diagnosed and improvements confirmed by the MAYO Clinic” – MOCA Score Increased from 21 to 28 points.  laboratory testing improvements include a decrease in Cholesterol, triglyceride and Homocysteine levels, and an increase in Testosterone and vitamin D levels.  Lewy Body Dementia, fLorida

Setting your intention to be healthier through nutrition, exercise, meditation, sleep and stress management is easier said than done.  Forming a partnership with a Bredesen/IFM trained RECODE and Functional Medicine Health Coach can provide the solution you are looking for. Experience health coaching support for any of the following areas…

    • Implementing Dr. Bredesen’s RECODE and REVERSE Protocols – Reversing Cognitive Decline
    • Alzheimer’s Disease, Dementia, Parkinson’s Disease, Prevention
    • Fine tuning mental clarity and focus
    • Mood enhancement and increased energy
    • Nutritional support, weight loss, ketogenic/ketoflex 12/3
    • Infobesity – health information overload – where to begin

If your practitioner has suggested you work with a health coach or you could benefit from a cheerleader and partner to help motivate and hold you accountable… whatever situation you find yourself in I invite you to join me on this journey towards becoming healthier-on-purpose!

All services are provided via telephone or internet.

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