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After six months on the ReCODE Protocol wife states “I have my husband back! We are starting to travel again. His depression has lifted – he is animated, laughing and interacting with family again.”  Patient was diagnosed and improvements confirmed by the MAYO Clinic.” Lewy Body Dementia, Tampa, FL

Setting your intention to be healthier through nutrition, exercise, meditation, sleep and stress management is easier said than done.  Forming a partnership with a Functional Medicine Health Coach can provide the solution you are looking for. Experience health coaching support for any of the following areas…

    • Implementing Dr. Bredesen’s RECODE and REVERSE Protocols – Reversing Cognitive Decline
    • APOE4 Prevention, Alzheimer’s Disease, Dementia, Parkinson’s Disease
    • Fine tuning mental clarity and focus
    • Mood enhancement and increased energy
    • Nutritional support, weight loss, ketogenic/ketoflex 12/3
    • Infobesity – health information overload – where to begin

If your practitioner has suggested you work with a health coach or you could benefit from a cheerleader and partner to help motivate and hold you accountable… whatever situation you find yourself in I invite you to join me on this journey towards becoming healthier-on-purpose!

All services are provided via telephone or internet.

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