After six months on the ReCODE Protocol wife states “I have my husband back! We are starting to travel again. His depression has lifted – he is animated, laughing and interacting with family again.”  After 15 months on the protocol patient was diagnosed and improvements confirmed by the MAYO Clinic” – MOCA Score Increased from 21 to 28 points.  Laboratory testing improvements include a decrease in Cholesterol from 231 to 220, Triglyceride from 93 to 59 and Homocysteine from 10.4 to 8.7; and increases in Testosterone from 401 to 707 and Vitamin D from 27.4 to 53.5.  Lewy Body DementiaFlorida

Have a good April! Eek. April 9 is my 7 seven year anniversary of my Parkinson’s diagnosis. I’m getting better – not worse!  Thanks for being on my team. You’ve helped me a lot! Parkinson’s DiseaseOregon

My pain and swelling went from around 8 out of 10 (with 10 being extremely painful) to between 0 and maybe 1.. but right now it’s pretty much gone!  I have lost 5 pounds and my glucose is down from 128 to 102. Diabetes MellitusGeorgia

I highly recommend my tele-health coach, Sara Capece. She is a certified and endorsed Functional Medicine Health Coach with the Institute of Functional Medicine, and Bredesen ReCODE Protocol trained. I began working with Sara last summer after learning my apoe4/4 status. My intention was to implement the ReCODE Protocol as a preventative measure. She helped me find a Functional Medicine practitioner in my surrounding area to learn how to implement this complex protocol. I find Sara to be a professional of the highest integrity, compassionate, easy to communicate with, attentive, incredibly resourceful, and a valuable member of my healing team. She’s provided continuous encouragement and support throughout this process. She’s the BEST, and I look forward to every session with her!, ReCODE Prevention – Hawaii  

Thank you! Sara did her practicum with us & I can add my enthusiastic endorsement. I’m so happy that she’s been helpful to you. I’ll add her to our wiki list of APOE-aware practitioners.

Wow! LOL I think this group has brought that word and the state of being of “WOW” back into my life. I have to say, it really is working for me. It has been just over 3 months since I read Dr Bredesen’s book and found the Apoe4 forum. And, I am feeling better physically, have more energy and my cognition is better in multiple ways. I am very excited to be changing my life. I have not found a doctor yet but I am availing myself of the Functional Medicine Coaching Academy in the person of Sara Capece so I have access to some very good insights on the Bredesen ReCODE protocol and the functional medicine aspect of things. (Thanks so much, Sara!) I am definitely going to try to stay on board with Sara at least until I do get hooked up with a Bredesen trained doctor or such.  Prevention – – North Carolina

I really want to thank you for your help and encouragement.  I think you are a wonderful health coach and I have enjoyed our sessions.  You are supportive, encouraging and full of valuable information.  Just off the top of my head, you have helped me in several areas:

  • providing a list of supplement manufacturers
  • encouraging me to incorporate the exercise ball:  I now have one at work and one at home.  
  • providing information on purchasing and using a Ketone Meter. 
  • educating me on Keto diet – While I have not been counting servings/portions/calories – I have been sticking to the food list and have attempted to incorporate protein in every meal
  • encouraged me in Intermittent fasting:  I am continuing this daily, eating only one or two healthful (food list) meals per day  
  • most importantly of all – you have validated me in my efforts toward health

There is probably more, but this is what has come to mind right now.  Mostly I want to say that I have enjoyed getting to know you as a person – The personal touch and the feeling that you really care are the qualities that make you a great Health Coach. Thyroid, Cancer & Pre-Op,  Idaho

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